Experience Concepts has been utilizing 3-D SolidWorks since 2006.

The use of 3-D design incorporates capabilities to send part files through the network for precise geometry. The engineers at Experienced Concepts specialize in complete machinery designs from proposal ideas, then work alongside customers to achieve desired results.


The facility has acquired machining and coating processes over the years to reduce outsourcing and establish greater control over deliverables while maintaining the Experienced Concepts quality. The CNC Department composed of both milling and turning machinery utilize CamWorks software. CamWorks integrates with SolidWorks to create an exact part file transfer from engineering to manufacturing. Experienced Concepts features a welding and fabrication department, boring mill, grinding and Bridgeport departments, a 16 x 30 paint booth, and a black oxide system. From manufacturing the machinery is assembled in our assembly bay and projects are run off on our floor.

Cad Drawing Cad Drawing Cad Drawing