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Experienced Concepts Building
06 Jan


4-Station Dial Machine
16 Oct

4-Station Dial Machine Mig Weld, Auto Unload to Conveyor

15 Oct

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Single Station Assembly Machine
22 Sep

Single Station Assembly Machine This station has orbital forming, a pneumatic slide, and laser part verification.

Dual Station Assembly Machine
22 Sep

Dual Station Assembly Machine Assembly Station and Orbital Form Station.

Dual Part Assembly Cell
22 Sep

Dual Part Assembly Cell This station has vision, orbital form, mig welding, bushing assembly, function test, and robotic unload.

8-Station Dial Assembly Machine
22 Sep

8-Station Dial Assembly Machine This machine has a vision system, auto grease, orbital form, press, and auto unload to a conveyor.

Function Test and Bolt Torque Station
22 Sep
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