External Providers Quality Requirements

General Requirements

  • Introduction
    This document establishes the quality assurance requirements for external providers of process, product and service pursuant to Experienced Concepts purchase orders, these requirements must be flowed down to any sub-tier providers in the supply chain. The supplier Quality Assurance System shall be based upon national standards, considerations of complexity of product design, criticality of the product's intended use, interchangeability requirements and manufacturing techniques. The Quality Assurance System shall be approved prior to the supply of product or service and shall provide assurance that adequate control of quality is maintained. Approved external providers shall invoke the contents of this document onto their external providers as appropriate to ensure quality of process, product and service.
  • Scope
    This document defines the Quality Management System requirements for external providers of products and services to Experienced Concepts. The requirements shall be complied with in addition to all detailed requirements of the purchase order, any deviation from compliance with this document shall be submitted to Experienced Concepts Quality Department.
  • Access Clause
    The external provider shall give right of access to Experienced Concepts, customers and regulatory authorities representatives. Sufficient notice shall be given prior to any activities which may include assessments / audits (including sub-tier providers) prior to or after issue of a purchase order. The responsibilities and authorities delegated to these representatives include but not restricted to:  • Co-ordinate responses to unsatisfactory conditions  • Conduct initial and periodic QMS base audits or product based evaluations  • Review and approve First Article Inspection Reports  • Monitor the inspection of product or service against requirements  • When applicable authorize shipment of product and supporting data following source inspection The review of products and services by Experienced Conepts, its customers or regulatory representatives does not absolve the external provider of responsibility to provide conforming product or services nor shall it preclude subsequent rejection.

Supplier Approval Process

  • Quality Management System Requirements
    Experienced Concepts requirement for QMS approval within its supply chain is as follows: Where compliance with these standards has not been attained, the level of Experienced Concepts surveillance activity will be increased.

    Manufacturers ISO 9001:2015
    Vendors/ Suppliers ISO 9001:2015
  • Approval Process
    New suppliers shall be evaluated prior to the placement of a purchase order or contract. Suppliers who successfully complete initial evaluation, consistently meet supplier requirements and maintain AS9100 or ISO9001 are subject to reevaluation as needed. Suppliers who do not maintain either an acceptable quality measurements, as a minimum their approval shall be reevaluated as instance occurs. However, the frequency of re-evaluation may be changed dependent upon evidence of continued compliance with the requirements specified within this document and satisfactory product quality and assessment / evaluation performance. Experienced Concepts reserve the right to withdraw a supplier's approval, whole or in part at any time. The method of evaluation of suppliers may include either on-site QMS assessment, product-based evaluation or by methods including but not limited to First Article Inspection, evidence of compliance or other. It is at the sole discretion of Experienced Concepts to require an on-site evaluation of external providers whether AS9100 or ISO9001 approved or not.
  • Assessment Results
    When a supplier assessment is required, the supplier shall be notified where the date and content of the assessment will be agreed. The results will be documented in an assessment report and presented to the supplier for action as required. Failure to provide acceptable corrective and preventative actions to findings within agreed timescales may result in failure to approve or approval suspension.

Supplement Requirements

  • Requirements from External Providers
    Experienced Concepts shall ensure that requirements shall be communicated to external providers regarding but not limited to:
    • Drawings, specifications, process requirements (including special processes) and any other technical data to ensure conformity of process, product or service.
    • Approval of processes, products, services, equipment and subsequent release of processes, products and services.
    • Competence and qualifications of persons.
    • Interaction of the external provider with Experienced Concepts.
    • The extent of control on the external provider Experienced Concepts shall apply.
    • Verification and validation activities Experienced Concepts or its customers shall perform at the external providers premises.
    • Design and development controls.
    • Define any critical items that include key characteristics.
    • Test and inspection criteria including production process verification activities.
    • Statistical techniques for acceptance of product by Forward Composites ltd The external providers shall ensure:
    • It has established a Quality Management System.
    • It uses customer designated or approved sub-tier.
    • The external provider shall make Experienced Concepts aware of any nonconformance of process, product or service provided.
    • External providers have a procedure to prevent the use or delivery of counterfeit products to Experienced Concepts.
    • Shall notify Experienced Concepts of any change to process, product or service including but not limited to change in manufacture location.
    • External providers shall flow down all requirements for process, product and service to any sub-tiers.
    • Provide as required test specimens, production methods, storage conditions and inspection / verification activities.
    • Ensuring persons within the external provider and any sub-tiers are aware of their contribution to product safety, conformance, product safety and their ethical behavior.
  • Inspection
    All purchase components supplied by vendors must maintain a 100% inspection result prior to shipping to Experienced Concepts.
  • First Article Inspection
    The purpose of the First Article Inspection (FAI) process is to provide objective evidence that all design and specification requirements are correctly understood, accounted for, verified and recorded via a repeatable and robust manufacturing process. Documented evidence must be supplied when applicable.
  • Packing
    Unless otherwise specified by Experienced Concepts the following shall apply. When provisioning packing materials the following shall be considered: Materials used are specifically produced and procured for sealing, bagging, cushioning and protecting goods whilst in transit. Selection of materials and cartons used for each consignment must afford adequate protection when taking into consideration fragility, surface finish, size, weight and method of transportation and shall be suitable for ensuring goods arrive at the customers premises undamaged. Cartons for shipping transportation must clean, intact and fit for purpose. Sealing bags must be tape or heat sealing, staples are not to be used. Where appropriate all pallet loads are to be strapped and / or covered. Shipment contents or shipper is required with every shipment or order.
  • Record Retention
    The external provider shall retain records in either hard copy or electronic data, records shall cover the entire manufacturing process from purchase of raw materials to certification of final product. When applicable Experienced Concepts has the right to request disposal methods or return of confidential information to any vendor. In the event and external provider of Experienced Concepts all documentation, records, and communication records must be surrendered to Experienced Concepts.
  • Continuous Improvement
    Experienced Concepts is committed to quality and therefore requires suppliers and vendors to comply with the highest standards in both quality and ethics. Organizations dedicated to continuous improvement and ethical behavior recognize the importance of these actions for strengthening the quality of a product, improving customer satisfaction, and for improving efficiency, productivity and profits.